One of Scribd's best things about our document upload feature is the ability to embed documents into virtually any webpage or blog. You can embed documents that you just want people to know about. When you embed a title on another web page, it'll appear inside our document viewer but on the webpage of your choosing. Anybody who visits the page can then either read the full title or the free preview, without needing to even visit Scribd.com!

Important Note: Your website or blog host must support embedding content—using <iframe> tags—for you to be able to embed Scribd content. Many email clients don't permit this kind of embedding so we recommend you don't embed Scribd content in emails.

Embedding From Scribd.com

If you find a document on Scribd that you'd like to embed, you'll find the option to the left of the document viewer, right under the 'Download' (if the document is available for direct download) and 'Save For Later' buttons:

Once you select 'Embed', the Embed box will open. You'll see a preview of the embed title in the document viewer to the right. Adjust the dimensions of the embedded viewer and alter any other options you wish changed. Once everything looks perfect to you, copy the HTML code to embed the title.

If you're embedding the document in a WordPress.com blog select the Wordpress format option to get the correct embed code to use instead of the regular HTML code. If you host your own Wordpress blog using the open-source software available at Wordpress.org, you may need to install a third-party plugin or use the HTML embed code.

Paste the embed code in your web page or blog. The exact steps to do this vary depending on the blogging platform or web host you use.

Once you've pasted the embed code, save and publish your web page or blog entry. 

Issue with the embed?

I'm unable to print from the document viewer.

To print anything from Scribd, a reader must download it first. There is no way to print a title directly from the embedded reader nor will anyone be able to print it if it's not set to be downloadable.

I get an error about invalid HTML whenever I try to insert the embed code.

Your site or blog may not support certain HTML5-specific parts of the new embed code. A few pieces of the HTML5 embed code are not strictly required for our embedded reader to work. If you'd like, you may also try removing the data-aspect-ratio and data-auto-height attributes from the <iframe> tag. If you're uncomfortable editing the embed code, use our Flash-based embed code instead.

All I see is a link to the title on Scribd; there's no reader at all.

Your site or blog may not allow you to insert <iframe> tags. If you use Wordpress, try the Wordpress embed code instead. Otherwise you'll not be able to embed Scribd content in the site.

The embedded reader displays, but it's blank or distorted.

If you can see the controls at the bottom of the embedded reader, but the document or book itself isn't displaying properly, please contact our support team to let us know. Be sure to include the following information to help us troubleshoot your issue:

  • The URL of the webpage where you've embedded the document.
  • The document's Scribd URL.
  • The web browser and operating system in which you see the problem. If you see it in multiple browsers or operating systems, be sure to let us know that too.
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