Updating document settings

After you upload a document, you can modify its settings at any time. Settings you can modify include the document's title, description, tags, category, and access options. Although you can't edit the content that appears within documents through Scribd, you can upload a revision to do this instead. Any document you upload can be edited from its edit page, and there's a couple of ways to reach it:

Locating a document's edit page

You can access a document's edit page through your Uploads page —or— through the document's reading page. 

All the documents you upload to Scribd can be accessed from your Uploads page. Reach your Uploads page from anywhere on our site by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner. The drop-down navigation menu will appear and you can click "Document Uploads" to open your list of documents.

By default, your Uploads page shows all the documents you've uploaded to Scribd. You can change that by clicking the 'Filter' option to look through the uploads that are publicly viewable, the uploads that are only privately available or the ones you've upload for sale. To sort your content, again under 'Filters' you'll find the option to sort by 'Date uploaded', alphabetically by 'Title' or find your most popular uploads with 'Most Read'. 

Once you've found the document you want to update, hover over it and click the 'Edit' link next to it.



If instead you want to reach a document's edit page while you're viewing it, just look for the Edit button near the document's title. As an important note, this button will only be available while logged into the account from which you uploaded it:


Modifying a Document's Settings

There are three categories of settings you can change on your content through its edit page: presentation, reader permissions, and sales settings.

Under Presentation, you'll find options for changing your uploads' title, description, categorization, and tags. After you've updated one or more properties, be sure to click the "save" button to save your changes. 

The Set Reader Permissions section includes many general properties, including the document's privacy, distribution settings, copyright, and more. The FAQ here has specifics on what these settings are and how to change them. For more information about copyrights and Creative Commons, please see this help topic.

If you need any help with changing the settings your documents or have questions not address here or in the other FAQs, please contact Scribd support for assistance. 

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