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We’re so happy you’ve decided to share your work with Scribd! You can modify your document’s settings at any time and control how readers access it through the edit page.

Locating a document's edit page

By default, your Uploads will show all the documents you've uploaded to Scribd when signed in to your account. You can use the “Filter” option to sort through uploads based on their privacy setting, the date an upload was made, alphabetically by title, or by popularity.

Once you've found the upload you want to alter settings for, click the “Edit” pencil icon to the right of the document to be taken to its edit page (on a mobile web browser, the pencil icon will be located directly under the upload).

There are two tabs of settings available in a document’s edit page (Presentation and Set Reader Permissions) that allow you to customize even further! For more information, read on.

Modifying a document's presentation settings

Under the “Presentation” tab, you'll find options for editing the following details listed at the top of the page:

  • Title – The name of your document
  • Description – A short summary of your document and its content
  • Cover image – The image readers will see listed for your document when browsing

The title, description and cover image chosen for a document will create the first impression it makes on readers browsing our library, so be sure to take advantage of them!

You can also draw readers to your work by using the options available for categorizing your document, selecting its language, or revising your upload, which we’ll review next.


When you categorize your document, you make it easier for readers and search engines to find your content on Scribd. You can assign the following to your document:

  • Interest – A broad category your upload relates to (brochure, presentation, creative writing, etc)
  • Tags – Specific keywords related to your upload and its content


The language your document is listed under will generally be assigned automatically by its content. However, short or image-based documents may not have their language determined correctly. You can manually change the language it’s listed under if necessary.

Replace existing version of the document

If you need to change the content in your document, you can upload a revision to or restore a prior version of your work. For more details, take a look at our Help Center article, Revising a document upload.

Modifying a document’s reader permissions

Under the “Set Reader Permissions” tab, you’ll find check box options for allowing readers to take the following actions listed at the top of the page:

  • Copy and Paste text from the document – If this box is unchecked, readers will not be able to copy and paste content from your document
  • Download the document – If this box is unchecked, readers will not be able to download your document

In addition to these options, you can modify your upload’s privacy and select applicable licensing, which we’ll cover next!


The privacy you have set for your document determines who can view it. You’ll see your document’s current privacy, and a link to change the privacy option.

Setting your document privacy to “public” allows it to be seen by all of our readers, while making your document “private” will keep it out of search results and off of your Scribd profile.

You can find more information about the impact of each privacy option in our article on document privacy.

Copyright and licensing

There are a number of licenses you can apply to your document that determine how your upload can be used by readers. You can find additional details in our Copyright FAQ.

Once you've updated one or more settings for your upload, be sure to click the "Save" button to preserve your changes. If you need assistance with altering your document settings or have additional questions, contact Scribd Support – we’re here to help!

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