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Scribd supports a number of different document formats, and most documents will look the same on Scribd as they do on your computer. However, if you want to retain the most control over how your document looks on Scribd, you may want to convert it to PDF before you upload it. And of course, if your document isn't already in a format that Scribd supports, converting it to PDF is the first step to publishing it on Scribd.

There are several ways to convert your document to PDF and we've listed a few below. Just note: these products aren't listed in any particular order and Scribd doesn't endorse them in any way. You'll need to contact their authors if you have any questions or problems.

On the Web

  • Zamzar is a simple, free tool that can convert a variety of different file types into a PDF.


There are several "print-to-PDF tools" available. These programs all work by installing a virtual printer on your computer. To convert a document, you use your software's Print function and select the virtual printer as the destination. Instead of printing the document to physical paper, these programs create a PDF from it. These programs can create a PDF from any document that can be printed, though hyperlinks and other active content generally won't work in the PDF documents they produce.

There are several choices if you're a Windows user:

If you're using MacOS, you can save your document as a PDF very easily; all recent versions of MacOS have included a print-to-PDF driver. Simply click the 'PDF' button in the Print dialog box, then select 'Save as PDF' from the menu.

Office Suites

OpenOffice is an open-source office suite. Among its many features, it can open a variety of formats (including Microsoft Office formats) and save documents as PDFs. It's completely free to download.

Microsoft Office 365 can also export your documents as PDFs.

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