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Scribd's publishing platform is great for making your work available to a large online audience, but Scribd is not an editor. If your work isn't quite ready to be published, or you need to make some changes to it, you'll need to make changes offline before updating your document on Scribd. Whatever the reason, if you need to change a PDF before you publish on Scribd, the following tools may be useful.

Just a note: these products aren't listed in any particular order and Scribd doesn't endorse them or have any affiliation with them in any way. You'll need to contact their authors if you have any questions or problems. 

The Web

  • will merge up to 10 files, each up to 5mb, for free. Perfect if you have multiple files you need to combine into one.

Downloadable Software

  • PDF Split and Merge is a free cross-platform Java application for splitting and merging PDFs.
  • Combine PDFs, a free MacOS application, lets you merge PDFs and reorder or remove pages.
  • Adobe Acrobat is a full-featured commercial (i.e. non-free) application for making practically any change to your PDFs that you can think of.

If your document is in another format and you want to convert it to PDF, please see 'How do I convert my document to PDF?'

If your document is already published on Scribd, you can upload your changes as a new revision which is a handy tool and much easier than uploading your document again from scratch. To learn more about adding revisions to your documents on Scribd, please review our support article, "Uploading a revision to an existing document", and of course you're always more than welcome to contact Scribd support if you have any additional questions!

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