The iOS Beta Program

Hello Reader,

To participate in the beta tester program, you'll need to install an application called TestFlight, which is made by Apple. Click here to install it from the App Store. Once you’ve installed TestFlight, you’ll be able to install Scribd beta app. You should also momentarily receive an email from TestFlight with a prompt to “Start Testing” the Scribd app. Make sure you click on “Start Testing” as this will start the Scribd beta program for you.

Here’s how you’ll know that everything is in order and you’re ready to start testing:

  1. You should momentarily receive an email from TestFlight that looks like this:
  2. From there, tap “Start Testing” and you’ll be led to a screen that looks like this::
  3. Tap install Scribd to install the Scribd beta app onto your device.
  4. When you’re done, you’ll see the Scribd beta app on your device:

Some things to keep in mind before becoming a beta tester:

  • In order to use TestFlight, you must be on iOS 8+. If you haven’t installed iOS 8, you’ll need 4.5 GB of storage available. If you can’t or don’t want to install iOS 8, that’s totally fine. Thanks for your time! Please keep enjoying the normal Scribd app.
  • We’ve noticed issues with installing the Scribd TestFlight app on the Gmail app with a Chrome browser. If you run into any issues, try using the native Mail app that came installed on your device with a Safari browser.
  • Installing the latest test version via TestFlight will overwrite the Scribd app you’re currently using. Just to note, none of your personal data will be lost. These test versions may contain new features or improvements that we’re working on, but they’ll also contain some bugs (which we’d love your help in tracking down!). If you want to keep enjoying a pristine reading experience with Scribd, no problem! No need to be a beta tester--just keep on using the regular Scribd app. You can also roll back at any time by deleting the beta app and re-installing the Scribd app from the app store

Once you’re all set, just use and enjoy this exclusive test version the way you would the normal Scribd app. If you do run into any trouble (don’t worry—that’s to be expected in a beta version!), just let us know. When you’re writing to us, here’s some helpful information to include:

  • Whenever you’re writing to us, please include your username and/or the email address registered on your Scribd account.
  • A detailed description of the problem you encountered — Did the app crash? Did it freeze? What happened that you didn’t expect to happen (or what didn’t happen that you expected to)? What were you doing before you encountered the problem?
  • Include screenshots, if possible (a picture is worth a thousand words)!
  • Where did the problem occur? If you were reading a book (or listening to an audiobook), please include the title and author. If the problem happens outside of the reading experience, what part of the app did it happen in?
  • If the app crashes, please re-open the app. When you re-open the app, a crash report will automatically be sent to us. We’d love it if you also could also send us a separate email about the problem, including the information above, as well as the date and time when the crash occurred.
  • Anything else you can think of that might be helpful to our team!


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