How do I remove my Facebook information from Scribd?

If you used the quick link blue Facebook login button when you signed up on Scribd or later linked the two profiles together but no longer wish for Scribd to have access to your Facebook information, you can unlink to the profiles in a few simple steps.


First off though, you'll need to get to the correct page. So before we get into the nitty gritty of unlinking the two accounts, go to the 'Personal' tab in the Account settings for your profile. Hover over the icon in the upper righthand corner and go down to the Account option to be taken right there. 

If all you've been using is the Facebook option, you need to create a password to use on Scribd before unlinking the two profiles. You'll see a screen that looks like the one above, and all you need to do is click 'Choose a Scribd password' to enter a password unique to your Scribd account. Make sure that you also update your email address! If for any reason you lose or forget your password in the future, the email address is what you need to be able to use the automated reset tool we provide. 

Once you have a password attached to the account or if you already have a password attached to the account because you've logged in via your username and password before, you can unlink the two profiles by clicking the 'Disconnect' option under the blue 'Logged in with Facebook' button. 

We'll just add another reminder, make sure if you're disconnecting the two profiles you have an email address attached to your Scribd account!

Once you've unlinked the accounts, you won't be able to log on through the Facebook button after that. If you click that button after the two are unlinked and you haven't relinked them, you'll create a new account in the system. Just be careful with that since we don't want you to end up under the wrong account without a premium membership you may have purchased. 

If you miss the quick one touch button, login with your username and password, go to your Account settings once again, and select 'Connect to Facebook' to get the two linked together once more. 

If you need further help or have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact Scribd support for assistance!

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