Are profiles on Scribd public?


Scribd is a social community of readers. Part of that community includes creating public profiles so other readers can see the type of books you like on Scribd or who your favorite authors are. So put simply: Scribd profiles are public, but the majority of your information is private.

Let's clarify. Facts like your username, titles you've uploaded and set to "Public" (not private!), and your "About Me" section are public. But there is definitely a level of privacy on Scribd because we take it seriously. 

Number one: no one can access your email address unless you've made it available on your public profile.

Number two: nothing that you've saved for later in your library or anything you've recently read is viewable to the public. That's for your eyes only. Don't be ashamed of binge reading all those romance novels with a pint of Ben and Jerry's and a bottle of wine next to you. We've all been there. No one has to know but you and that tall, dark, and handsome protagonist.

And that goes for everyone, not just the closet romance lovers: anything in your recently read or saved in your library can only be seen by you while logged into your account. 

You can see how the public sees you at any time by going to the 'Public Profile' link under the navigation menu. Just click on your user icon on the top right, to the right of the "Upload" button, and you'll see the 'Public Profile' option in the menu that appears!

If you have any concerns over privacy, please look through our Privacy Policy and then contact Scribd support with any further questions. 

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