What if Scribd can't automatically renew my premium membership?

Here at Scribd, we make it easy for you to enjoy uninterrupted reading by automatically renewing your membership. 

If for some reason we're unable to renew your service, we'll send an email letting you know we're having trouble. This email will include a link to update your information and we'll try billing you again within a day or two. 

Outdated payment information (like an expired credit card) is a common issue that prevents us from billing you. Try to keep your account up-to-date whenever possible just to be sure you won't lose any time enjoying our library. You can update payment information in your Account Settings by clicking the 'Update Payment Details' link. 

We'll try to renew your membership up to 4 times. If by the last try we still aren't able to bill you, your membership will automatically expire and you'll no longer have access to premium content. Not to worry though! We'll make sure your Scribd profile, saved books, and other free features remain active. 

If your premium membership expires, we won't hold it against you. We understand that life gets in the way and hope you rejoin to enjoy our library once more when you're ready. 

Further questions? Trouble updating your information? Contact Scribd support!

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