I already bought a premium membership; why am I being asked to pay again?

If you have an active monthly membership with us but are prompted to sign up, it's possible that you're logged into a different account than the one attached to your purchase. 

We have a convenient recovery tool that will ask you a few questions concerning the membership you've purchased to help you regain access the correct account. 

Click here to access the Subscription Recovery Tool

Please note: This tool may ask you for your PayPal email address or the full credit card number used when you made the purchase. This information is transmitted securely over the network. It is not stored anywhere or seen by any human. It is only used to look up and restore access to your existing purchase. You will not be charged by using this tool. Again, the information is not saved anywhere in our system or seen by any human.  

If that doesn't help you get reconnected with your membership and on your way to relaxing with a well-told story, please contact our Support team. We ask that you include as much information as you can when you send a request to us so that we can help you as quickly as possible. Ideally, include:

  • The invoice number of your order. 
  • The Scribd username you were logged into at the time you made the purchase
  • Any other email addresses you may have used to register with Scribd or when attempting to make the purchase
  • The amount you paid in US dollars
  • The exact time and date you made your purchase, or as close an estimate as possible
  • If you paid with a credit card: your name as it appears on the credit card, the type of card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), and the last 4 digits of the card number. Please do not include the entire number of the credit card in your support request for security reasons
  • If you paid via PayPal: your PayPal email address and the transaction number of the order

If you happen to have a copy of your receipt, please include that in your request. There may be a record of a receipt for the purchase in your email mailbox. Please search through your mailbox, double-checking any junk folders, in case it ended up in there. The receipt has a lot of the information that's needed and listed above, so it'll help us to get you connected to your membership even faster.


We know it's frustrating when you've already paid for a service and you're being asked to pay again. We want to help get you connected to your purchase again and off reading a good book, so if the recovery tool doesn't work for you, contact the Support team today.

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