What do I get when I click the Buy Now button?

Though a majority of our collection is available with our premium membership service, there's some content that you can only enjoy in its entirety with an individual purchase. These titles will say 'Buy Now' along with the price at the top and bottom of the page on Scribd.com. Based on the authors' and publisher's wishes, their content can be available within the membership program or only available with an individual purchase. If a title is 'Purchase Only', you'll see the 'Buy Now' option. 

Along with that, there are other decisions our publishers get to decide concerning how their content is accessed after a purchase. 

If you see at the bottom of the page 'You're reading an excerpt. Buy to download and read the full title', the uploader has enabled it for downloading after purchase. If you see this message, you'll be able to access it on Scribd.com, on your mobile device through our apps, and download it to your computer once you buy it. A title will only be downloadable after purchase if it explicitly states it on the page. 


Some titles, based on the publishers' wishes, won't be available to download after your purchase. You'll still be able to enjoy it anytime, anywhere but will be unable to download and save it on your computer. You'll be able to access it on Scribd.com or on your mobile device through the Scribd app. Instead of the message above, you'll see 'You're reading an excerpt. Buy this book read the entire title'. 


If you have further questions, please contact Scribd support today!

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