I never got a receipt for my purchase. What do I do?


If you have an email address attached to your Scribd account, you'll receive a receipt with the invoice after completing your purchase. It's usually straight to your mailbox within a few minutes, but, we do have an abuse-prevention system which can delay the delivery of emails for up to three hours. Before letting us know that you didn't receive a receipt from us, please:

  • Check any spam or junk folder to make sure that it didn't accidentally end up in there. It's common for our password reset tools to end up in those kinds of folders, so it wouldn't be surprising if mailboxes don't understand how important your receipt is either.
  • Search your email for the address "support@mail.scribd.com". It'd also be helpful in the future to add this to your list of contacts so that future correspondences aren't lost in the spam folders unintentionally.

 After that if you've not received anything, contact Scribd support for help. Ideally include any and all information about the purchase and your Scribd account so they can to get your profile pulled up quickly and your invoice to you. 

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