How do I know whether my uploads are successful?

We can send you a report via email whenever your uploads are processed. The report provides a summary of your successful uploads and will list any errors that occurred, giving you the opportunity to correct any problems with your submission.

Multiple people can receive the report. We recommend the recipients include both the supervisor(s) of your digital distribution team and the person(s) actually responsible for submitting files to our FTP server. Alternately, you may want to create a mailing list on your server and have the report sent to that mailing list, gaining the ability to manage yourselves who receives the email.

If you are a publisher who works with a distribution service, or if you are a distribution service acting on behalf of a publisher, we recommend including appropriate people from both organizations.

If you have multiple FTP accounts and multiple Scribd profiles, you can specify different recipients for each of the accounts.

To change who receives your report please submit a support request. Include your Scribd username and FTP username.

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