How does Scribd's FTP service differ from other upload methods?

Our "PublisherTools" FTP upload service is intended primarily as a solution for those who frequently have large batches of publications to upload and have automated workflows for doing so. Other upload methods may be easier to use or more appropriate depending on your needs. Fortunately you can choose whichever upload method is most effective for any given situation.

The “Upload” Button

You can publish documents using the “Upload” button on the website. This is the most user-friendly but also the most manual way to upload documents.

  • You can upload multiple documents at once.
  • After the files have uploaded you'll have an opportunity to set much of their metadata.
  • You can upload documents privately, which can be very useful if you're publishing something for a select group of people.

However, you cannot add custom thumbnails or ISBNs this way. To learn more about uploading documents this way, please see our "Creating Content" topics.

The Scribd API

Members who have some programming expertise can use our API to upload and manage documents. In addition to all the options that the FTP service offers, using the API allows you to selectively upload documents as public or private and to see your changes immediately, without the delay imposed by the FTP service. If you or your team have development experience and are interested in tightly integrating Scribd into your workflow using our API, see our developer's page to learn more aboutthe API and to signup for API access.

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