How do I remove content from my account?


Once your content has been published on Scribd, there are several ways to remove it.

  • You can log into our website and manage the content yourself.
  • You can submit an automated delisting request to our FTP server using ONIX metadata.
  • You can submit a support request indicating exactly which of your documents to remove.

Withdrawing titles that have been purchased

If you attempt to withdraw a title that's been purchased by anyone on Scribd, it will not be deleted altogether. It will be made "private" so that nobody can access it except you and people who have already purchased it.

Using the Scribd Website

You can log into the website and manage your content from your "Uploads" page. You can delete titles as well as update their metadata and Scribd-specific settings. For more information about managing your content see our guide.

ONIX Users

If you upload content to our FTP server using ONIX metadata, we can accept title withdrawal notifications via ONIX.

Our service reads the j141 (AvailabilityCode), b394 (PublishingStatus), and j396 (ProductAvailability) codes. The following codes will cause the corresponding title to be removed from sale on Scribd:

Tag Codes that indicate removal from Scribd
j141 / AvailabilityCode AB, AD, EX, OF, OI, OP, OR, PP, RF, WS
j396 / ProductAvailability 01, 40, 41, 42, 43, 45, 46, 49, 50, 51, 52
b394 / PublishingStatus 01, 03, 05, 07, 11, 12, 15, 16


The following codes are accompanied by an availability date. If the availability date is in the future the corresponding title will held from sale on Scribd until that date, at which time it will become available.

  • If it is currently public on Scribd, it will be made private until the specified date.
  • If it's not yet on Scribd, it will be uploaded but kept private until the specified date.
Tag Codes that indicate temporary removal from Scribd
until future availability date
j141 / AvailabilityCode NP, NY, TU, UR
j396 / ProductAvailability 10, 11, 12, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 48
b394 / PublishingStatus 02


To learn more about these ONIX tags and codes, please download the "Release 2.1 format specifications with codelists" from the EDItEUR website.

Spreadsheet Users

If you upload your metadata to Scribd in the form of v3.0 XLS spreadsheets or v3.0 CSV files, there is no automated way to have your titles removed. Please submit your withdrawal requests as support tickets, either using the form on this helpdesk or by emailing

Include the Scribd URLs or document numbers of every title you want removed from sale. If you do not know the URLs or document numbers, include

  • The username of the Scribd account in which each item can be found.
  • The ISBN of each item.
  • The title of each item.

You can update to v4.0 of our spreadsheets that do contain the field to remove titles from Scribd.  Please download the v4.0 spreadsheet HERE.

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