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Are authors paid when I read subscription content?

Absolutely! We ensure our authors can continue writing great books for our readers to enjoy by making sure they're compensated when their ebooks and audiobooks are part of our subscription service. Scribd, Inc. has agreements established with the authors and publishing partners whose ebooks and audiobooks are available on Everand. Revenue that Scribd, Inc. earns from monthly subscription fees is paid to the original publishers or authors every time you read their work on Everand.

Why would an author choose to share their work on Everand?

Sharing their work on Everand grants all of our authors more visibility in a large audience of avid readers like yourself. It's a perfect situation for our readers, who get access to all of those titles, and perfect for our authors as they now have a large audience of readers waiting for that next great book to dive into.

How does Scribd, Inc. handle copyright concerns?

For information about our policies, please see our Frequently Asked Questions about Copyrights and the DMCA.

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