How authors benefit from Scribd's premium membership program

Unlimited access to ebooks and audiobooks for one low monthly fee? That's too good to be true, right? Wrong!

We know that you've got a lot questions about how this all works. For example, are authors getting paid for their work? Why would they agree to have their books in a membership program? Am I reading content that the authors have actually given permission to be on Scribd?

We'll be more than happy to answer all of your questions, so that you can just relax with a good book with no worries in the world but what to read next.


Are authors paid when I read premium membership content?

Yes! Of course! We ensure our authors can continue doing what they love and write great books for our readers to enjoy by making sure they're compensated when their work is part of our premium membership service. Scribd has deals with our authors and publishing partners concerning payment for all membership content. Basically, every time you read a premium title or listen to an audiobook, we pay the author the full price of their work! Revenue that Scribd earns from monthly membership fees is paid to the original publishers or authors every time you read their work on Scribd.

Why would an author choose to share their work on Scribd?

Sharing their work on Scribd grants all of our authors more visibility in a large audience of avid readers like yourself. They place their work on Scribd, and instantly millions of people have the opportunity to read it. Everyone with a membership can seamlessly go from book to book, meaning every author has a greater chance of their work being read while still being fully compensated for their work! It's a perfect situation for our readers, having unlimited access to all of those titles and perfect for our authors as they now have a large audience of readers waiting for that next great book to dive into.

But Scribd allows anyone to upload material onto the site. How am I supposed to know that I'm reading titles authors have actually given permission to be on Scribd?

The best way to be certain a book has been uploaded by the original author or through one of our publishing partners is to take a look at the author's profile on Scribd. Verified authors and publishers will have a verified badge above their name on their profile. Authors will also have additional sections on their profiles: "Books Authored" and, if available, "Audiobooks Authored", as well as any "Audiobooks Narrated", if applicable. These badges are the stamp of approval that all of their content is published and endorsed by the author and publisher.  But that's not to say that all content without a badge is on the site without an author's permission or improperly; Scribd is abundant with self-published work or works that are in the public doman as well. You'll find these  titles in the 'Document' section of our library. The member's profiles who upload them may not have the "Author" badge, but that doesn't mean that their documents were illegally uploaded onto the site. Many works are still self-published, or uploaded with the permission of the copyright holder or are otherwise in the public domain, just not supplied to Scribd by one of its publishing partners. Scribd's BookID copyright protection system also checks content uploaded by our members for possible copyright infringement and picks up works that have been identified by authors as unapproved. We do our best to remove any material identified as violating copyright immediately. Rest assured that individuals who we learn are failing to follow copyright laws aren't allowed to remain members on Scribd for long. Please read all about copyright and Scribd's policies here to learn how to help us keep Scribd's library full of only legitimate work shared with permission of the authors or copyright holders.

If you have more concerns about what you're reading or questions about how the premium membership works, please contact Scribd support for help. We're always glad to help, so don't be shy about reaching out and asking any questions you may have that aren't covered here or in the other FAQs.

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