How do I review a book?

As a member of Scribd, you can help other readers like yourself when they're trying to decide what to read next by rating the books on Scribd. No one is better at reviewing a book than an avid reader, so we welcome you to be a part of the reading community to help others decide what to open next. Get your opinions known and help people decide if a book is worth reading or not! Be sure to follow our community guidelines at all times, but help create a fun and social experience by rating the books you read on Scribd!

Writing a review on the Scribd App

If you want to leave a review of a title from the Scribd app, all you need to do it click on the book cover to bring up the book page and scroll down past the description of the book. There you'll see the option to rate it on a scale of 1-5 stars. Once you give it a star rating, the option to write comments on why you rated it the way you did will appear. Once you're finished writing your review, just hit 'Save' and you've just contributed your thoughts to why one should or shouldn't read that specific book on Scribd! If at any time you wish to change your rating or remove it entirely, go back to that area on the Scribd app, hit the star rating again and the pop-up box will appear once again. To remove it entirely, select 'Delete' or just change the rating and the comments if you need to. 



Writing a review on

There's a few option when it comes to leaving a review on and the difference will stem from the original file format of the title that's been provided to Scribd. 

For books available through our premium membership service from our publishing partners there are two methods available for leaving a review. 

You can do so from the 'Book' page; the page that pops-up when you select the book's cover. When you scroll down on that page, you'll find the area listing reviews the book already has from other member's like you or from critic's. You just need to hit 'write a review', give it a rating on a scale of 1-5 and then write why you would or wouldn't recommend a book to someone. Once done, make sure you select 'Post your Review' so that your rating is available for all members on Scribd to read. 


The other option is while reading the book. If the book is already open and wish to leave a review, you just need to click the symbol in the upper righthand corner to bring up the 'Options' menu. Then go to 'Write a Review', give it your rating and reasons why, select 'Post your Review' and you're all set. It will be added to the list with the other reviews to be of help to other members of Scribd who are searching of the next great book to read. 

If you're trying to leave a review for a title that's been uploaded by one of our publishers or the members on Scribd as a PDF, you won't find the options mentioned above.

Please remember that in order to leave any reviews and notes, you must be a logged in with your Scribd account. 

And we'll say it again since it's extremely important -- keep your comments clean and relevant to the book or document, and abide by our Community Guidelines at all times. Marketing, solicitation, or harassment in comments is grounds for immediate termination of your Scribd account. 

Happy reviewing! 


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