How can I monitor for infringements of my copyright?


The following services are available to help copyright holders monitor Scribd and other websites for possible infringements. These listings are provided for informational purposes only and Scribd does not recommend or endorse any particular service. Please direct any questions you have to the listed company.

Google Alerts

Google alerts is a free service that will email you whenever an item that references certain keywords are indexed by the Google search engine. This is the cheapest and simplest way to monitor for your content on Scribd. Items uploaded to Scribd are usually indexed by Google within a few hours. To receive a notification that an item has been indexed by Google:

  1. Log into Google, and go to
  2. Enter an appropriate search query, typically the author's name or a title of a publication. To focus your search on Scribd, use the "" operator (without quotes). A typical Scribd-focused search query looks like 

    "stephen king shining"
    Eliminate the operator to search the entire Internet. 
  3. Set HOW OFTEN: to "As-it-happens" and set HOW MANY: to "All results"
  4. Click CREATE ALERT to create your alert.

 See here for more details on using Google search operators to help narrow your search.

Commercial Services

There are many commercial service providers that can help you monitor your intellectual property on the internet. Some of these are:


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