Scribd Adds Articles!

We’re excited to announce that members can now read articles from their favorite print magazines on Scribd! In addition to access to the best books, audiobooks, documents, and more, your Scribd membership now includes access to Time, Money, Fortune, People, Bloomberg Businessweek, Entrepreneur, Foreign Policy, and New York Magazine.

If you want to dive right in, you'll find them on under "Articles" and in our apps under the "Browse" screen.

Screenshot of articles browse page containing latest issues, popular interests, publications, and our editors' top picks.

You can read articles from your favorite magazines (even full issues), browse trending articles and topics, or explore your own interests.

Stay in the know on the topics that matter to you with trending articles, hand-picked by our editors.


Screenshot of the end of an article, with recommended books and audiobooks on the same topic.

Even better, you can quickly and easily find books, audiobooks, or documents that are related to the topic of any article you read on Scribd.


Screenshot of page listing all the articles in a recent issue of a magazine.

And sometimes you want to just read a magazine. We’ve got you covered there too.



Do I have to use any of my credits to read articles?

As long as you have a premium membership subscription, you’ll have full access to all our articles without using any of your credits.


Are audio articles or podcasts available?

We know how enjoyable it is to listen to audiobooks while you’re doing other things such as driving, exercising or folding laundry, but articles are only available through text at the moment.


Can I save articles? Can I read them when I'm offline? Can I download and print them?

The world changes quickly, and we'll be adding new content all the time on the most up-to-date topics. Not to worry, we'll keep older issues around, but you can't store them offline, download them, or print them. Nonetheless, you can read them in their entirety on or save them in your library to be read later on your computer or in the Scribd app. 


Can I highlight?

It's not currently possible to highlight text in articles or make annotations, but we definitely see the usefulness.


Screenshot of the copy and share menu that appears when you select a word or phrase in some text.Can I share articles in my collection with other users or friends? Can I share text?

Yes, you’re able to share the whole article with friends, just like you can share books or audiobooks! You can share text by selecting it; two options will pop-up “copy” and “share” and you can select your option.


Are you adding more issues? Are you adding more magazines?

Yes and yes! We'll be adding new issues from our partners within a few days of their print publication. We plan to add new magazines to Scribd on a rolling basis, including issues from Newsweek and The Atlantic in the coming weeks.

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