Pending Scribd transactions during your free trial

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If you see a transaction from Scribd upon starting your free trial, don’t worry!

When your payment information is entered, we perform a temporary verification to make sure the payment method is active and valid. Rest assured, money is not subtracted from your account for verification like this.

This temporary verification is called a pending transaction. It’s also how Scribd checks the payment method provided is a reliable way to bill you for a subscription, ensuring uninterrupted access to our library of ebooks, audiobooks, articles, and more!

A pending transaction from Scribd may appear with one of the following descriptions:


The description listed for a pending Scribd transaction may differ slightly from the examples provided above depending on the payment method used for purchase.

Pending transactions from Scribd will generally disappear within three to five business days, but this can sometimes take longer. If you’re within your free trial period and have a question about a transaction that isn’t listed as “TEMPORARY”, please don’t hesitate in contacting Scribd Support for assistance.

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