Free Trial: Why is there a charge on my bank statement?

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If you see a charge from Scribd upon starting your free trial, don’t worry!

Once your payment information is entered, we’ll do a temporary verification to make sure your card is active and valid. No money is charged or subtracted from your account.

So what is that charge, and where does it go? It’s called a “Pending Charge” and it’s how Scribd makes sure that your payment method will be a reliable way to charge you and give you uninterrupted access to Scribd’s library of ebooks, audiobooks, news, magazines, sheet music, and more.

Let’s take a look at a bank account to see what a Pending Charge may look like on your bank account.

You may see the charges listed as “TEMPORARY AUTH SCRIBD,” letting you know that this is indeed a temporary charge that will disappear from your account within a few days.

If you are still within your free trial period and your bank account statement does not say “TEMPORARY AUTH SCRIBD,” please contact Scribd support for assistance. 

Happy reading!

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