Why is my Facebook information on Scribd?

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Scribd partnered with Facebook to make reading with us fast and easy. With a one-touch button you can create an account and instantly have a personalized experience on Scribd. 

When you sign up with the Facebook login option, you're automatically connected to all of your Facebook friends that have signed up on Scribd through that 'blue button' as well. You'll be able to see what books they've liked or commented on to help you gain insight to what's great in Scribd's collection from sources you trust. 

That's cool, but I don't even know what Scribd is so why's my Facebook information on the site?

If you ever visited Scribd before August 2013 while you were logged into your Facebook from your computer or mobile device, we may have used your public information from Facebook to create a personalized reading experience for you instantly. In the beginning of our partnership with Facebook, we took part in Facebook's Instant Personalization tool. In their own words: 

"Just as your News Feed on Facebook is built uniquely for you, instant personalization sites let you easily bring your friends and interests with you. Partners adhere to Facebook's guidelines and may only use your public information to serve you a personalized experience. Public information includes your name, profile picture, gender, networks, and other information you've made public."

We no longer participate in instantly creating a personalized experience with your Facebook public profile without you signing onto Scribd with the 'Login with Facebook' option. 

You can access the personalized profile created with your Facebook account at anytime by using the blue 'Login with Facebook' button. 

To remove Facebook from your Scribd profile but maintain an account with us, you'll need to unlink your Facebook account from your profile

You're also able to control whether companies, along with Scribd, can access your information from your Facebook privacy settingsBy removing Scribd from the list of allowed apps, you'll instantly remove the profile from Scribd. 

A word of caution! If you've purchased a membership with Scribd, you may lose access to it or any other purchases you've made if you disconnect the profiles from the Facebook privacy settings. We delete the information when you disconnect through Facebook. It's maintained if you unlink the two on our site.

Any further questions? Unable to access your personalized account? Contact Scribd support for help! They'll get it sorted for you in no time. 

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