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Scribd's Code of Conduct

Number one: Enjoy yourself! That's the most important part of Scribd. You're here to enjoy the largest digital library around, so make sure you do just that and have fun.

But along with the number one rule, we have a code of conduct. We intend for this code to be taken seriously, so please always keep it in mind.

Be Nice - Mom's Number One Rule

It's a simple one, be responsible and respectful at all times on Scribd. Do not harass, threaten, impersonate other members of the Scribd community, or disclose anyone else's personal information.

It's Mom's Number One Rule, play nice with others. So just think, if whatever you're going to do would bring out that crease on a mom's brow followed by the phrase "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed", then you shouldn't be doing it on Scribd.

Stay Classy

We love open and lively conversation. Discussions breed new ideas and getting into a great exchange over a book on Scribd is encouraged. However, don't share anything that could be considered pornographic/sexually explicit content or hate speech. We are a welcoming and accepting community for readers of all races, religions, orientations, and anything else you can think of. We love book lovers, plain and simple.

Keep all hateful comments to yourself. You're welcome to share any of your views, just keep it respectful. And do not share anything for 'shock value' like gratuitous depictions about sex and violence. This goes hand in hand with 'Be Nice', but it's always worth mentioning again. We don't care if it's a review you left on a book, information on your profile, or something you've decided to share on Scribd: stay classy.

Sharing is Caring - Stealing is Not

We take copyright very seriously here. We do not want unauthorized works on Scribd. If you don't own the copyright to the work (or have permission from the copyright holder), do not publish it or offer to share it on Scribd. We do not allow copyright infringement on Scribd. Keep in mind, copyright can apply to numerous works, including but definitely not limited to: music and song lyrics, poems, novels, technical books, and movie scripts. For more information, please visit our copyright page.

Police Yourself Or We'll Have To

We know that everyone on Scribd is able to maintain being respectful, classy, and staying away from copyright infringement. If you aren't, we will have to terminate your account on Scribd. We want a welcoming community for one and all. Read to your heart's content on Scribd! Just make sure you remember our code of conduct. We want your time on Scribd to be as pleasant as everyone else's. If you've noticed someone breaking the rules, let us know.

We'll work hard to keep Scribd a fun and carefree place to enjoy a good book, and expect all our members to help us with it. Just make sure you're aware of what's allowed on Scribd and read through our Prohibited Activity and Content Policy and General Terms of Use to understand the rules we all have to live by. If you have further questions, contact Scribd support - we're always happy to help.


Just remember the first rule, enjoy yourself! Everything else is a piece of cake after that.

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