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Alison Feb 18 General Info / Announcements

We're truly sorry if you've been unable to enjoy the great selection of audio books on your Android device!

Is your device currently set to a different language then US English? That may be the trouble. It could be a conflict with your device's operating language and our audio books. Not to worry though! Once you change the language setting on your device to be US English, you should be able to listen to audio books flawlessly as intended. We are working on resolving the root conflict, but in the meantime, please simply change the device's language setting to US English and you'll be able to listen to audio books on Scribd.

You should find the option to change the language in your device's 'Settings' page. If you need help finding this area on your device, feel free to contact Scribd support for assistance. Just be sure to let us know what type of Android device you're on so we can provide the proper instructions. 

If after you change the language setting, you find that audio books still refuse to play for you, please be sure to contact us as soon as you get a chance at -- we want to get whatever issues are effecting your experience addressed as soon as possible. 

Happy listening!

Jerry Feb 17 General Info / Announcements

Many of our readers have reported that after the recent iOS app update the Scribd app crashes every time they try to launch it. If you're among them, we are very sorry for the trouble. Our engineers are working hard to fix the underlying problem and release a fix for everyone.

In the meantime, many people have found that the crashes cease when they uninstall (delete) the Scribd app and then reinstall it.

Please try this quick fix if Scribd keeps crashing on your iOS device. You will have to re-download books that were stored on your device, but your library and all your other data will be retrieved from our servers once you sign back into Scribd.

If uninstalling Scribd and then reinstalling it doesn't resolve the crashes, please let us know and we'll take a look. We'd like to know your Scribd username or registered email address plus anything you can recall about what you last had open in the app before the recent update—the book or audiobook title, browse screen, recently read, etc.

Jerry November 6, 2014 General Info / Announcements

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of audiobooks to Scribd! Check out our introduction to learn more, or dive right into our selection of over 30,000 audiobooks.

Jerry November 4, 2014 General Info / Announcements

Do you know someone who just can't put a good book down? Give them over 500,000 titles with a membership to Scribd! To learn more check out our gift card guide, or start gifting right away!


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