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Can I use Scribd offline?

posted this on March 01, 2009 03:19 PM

There's nothing like reading a good book. Scribd knows that, but Scribd also knows you're not always going to be connected to the internet in order to read to your heart's content. So never fear! Even during those offline times, you'll be able to enjoy Scribd's collection.


Offline Reading on the Scribd App

If you're on your mobile device with the Scribd App installed, you can select 'Store on Device' to read titles offline. Just browse through the library per usual, select a title, hit the 'Store on Device' option, and it'll automatically download. After that, active internet connection or not, you'll be able to enjoy the book from beginning to end. Scribd has it so you can save up to 20 titles at any given time for all the offline reading you can handle! To find the list of all the titles you've saved, simply access your 'Library', select 'On Device' and find the title you've stored any time of day.

Remember, though: Books stored on your device can only be opened through the app and we don't permit access to a stored book's file. 

                           Screenshot_2014-03-26-12-35-32.png                           Screenshot_2014-03-26-12-59-41.png

If you're having trouble storing or reading a title on your device, don't be shy! Send Scribd support a message, and they'll see what the trouble may be and look into fixing the problem for you.


Offline Reading on Your Computer

You won't be able to use the 'Store on Device' option when using or the mobile website, but you'll still be able to enjoy offline reading on a computer as long as it's been enabled for downloading. If a title is available to save to your computer, you'll see an orange 'Download' option above the title of the piece and on the right hand side of the page. 



It's up to publishers to decide how they want their work to be accessed. Some publishers disable downloading for specific titles and the orange 'Download' option won't be shown for those books. You'll still be able to enjoy them on or store them on the app, but they won't be downloadable and printable.

Remember! In order to read any downloadable content, you'll need to have the correct software -- such as Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Office -- installed on your computer. Otherwise you won't be able to view the file you've downloaded.

Additionally, there are some titles that are for purchase only and not in the subscription collection. In order to know whether a 'Buy Now' title will be available for downloading, read up on what 'Buy Now' means. Some of the titles will be accessible for downloading and some won't; again, it depends on what the publisher decided. 

Scribd doesn't believe there's any reason to be without a good book, so go out and enjoy some offline reading today!


Trouble Downloading?

It's always so frustrating when you find a title you like, you've seen the orange 'Download' option so you know you can have it for offline reading, and it just won't download properly. 

There's a few things to test to see what's going wrong and why you're not getting that title after clicking that orange 'Download' option. Your web browser may be blocking the download or it may even be automatically saving it for you on your computer somewhere. The thing is: different browsers behave differently, so go straight to the section covering the browser you're using for a few tips to solve the problem.


Internet Explorer

If you're using Internet Explorer, it's possible it's blocking the download and if that's the case, you'll see a yellow bar at the top of the window notifying you about it. Click that yellow bar. 


mobile-download-ie8-step2.png When you click it, you'll see the option 'Download File..' in the popup menu that appears. You'll need to select that to continue with the download. After that you'll get the opportunity to save the downloaded title on your computer in the folder of your choosing.



Library.pngMozilla Firefox may give you the option of opening the file or saving it when you select 'Download'. If it doesn't, you'll need to access Firefox's 'Downloads' window. You can do that by clicking the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the browser:


Once you do that, you'll see all the titles that have been downloaded recently, you can open the file by clicking on it from that list or by selecting 'Show All Downloads' to get the Downloads' window (like the one on the right). Double click the title to view it.



Top_Sites.pngIf you're downloading from Safari and it doesn't automatically open, click on the down arrow in the upper righthand corner to view all your downloads or press option command L. That'll get all your downloads to be viewable and you can select the title you want to read from the list.



Google's Chrome may download the title directly to your preferred downloads folder and you'll be able to find it right at the bottom of the window. 







None of that worked? Other things to try!

If it's not just your browser being tricky and hiding the title from you, it could be several other issues causing the download problem. Here are a few other things to test to see what may be causing the trouble.

  • Check your firewall and/or antivirus software--such as McAfee, Norton, or Symantec. Make sure they're up to date and set to allow items from
  • Check your browser add-ons--such as NoScript, FlashBlock, or AdBlock. Make sure they're also all up to date and configured to be okay with
  • Check the network connection. If you're on a school or corporate network, the system administrator may have blocked access to all or parts of Scribd. Try connecting to Scribd using a different computer and/or network and try the download again.

If you're in the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, or the Philippines, you may be temporarily unable to download content from Scribd due to the way Internet traffic is managed in your area. There is currently no solution for this issue. You'll need to try again at a different time.

Another reason for the download not working is if you're trying to use a download manager. Don't do that. Download managers don't agree with the system and that will cause issues for you. Use your browser's built-in download function when accessing content on Scribd. 

Also try:

  • Try clearing your browser's cache and restarting it
  • Double-check your browser is configured to accept cookies from
  • And definitely make sure you're using the latest version of your browser to download content

If you're having issues with downloading even after the troubleshooting techniques then contact Scribd support for more help and they'll figure out a solution for you!

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