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Scribd Paid Access End User License Agreement

posted this on May 30, 2013, 6:06 AM

Scribd Paid Access End User License Agreement



  1. Other terms incorporated. The following additional Scribd terms, policies, and guidelines are expressly incorporated herein and form a binding part of this Agreement as if reproduced fully herein:
    1. Scribd Privacy Policy
    2. Scribd Terms of Use
  2. Scribd provides You with access to eBooks and documents from participating publishers and Users (”Scribd Commercial Content”) in one of two ways – either by Direct Purchase or by Subscription.
  3. In the case of Direct Purchase, Scribd, and the participating publisher or User, grant You a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable, revocable and personal license to access and use a digital copy of the selected eBook or document for your personal reference and informational purposes.
  4. In the case of Subscription, Scribd, and the participating publishers or Users, grant You a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable, revocable and personal license to access and use all Scribd Commercial Content available under your Subscription for your personal reference and informational purposes.
  5. Regardless of which access option you have selected (Direct Purchase or Subscription) Your access to and use of the Scribd Commercial Content is subject to the following restrictions:
    1. Scribd Commercial Content is provided for Your personal non-commercial use only; 
    2. No commercial or promotional use rights are granted in any Scribd Commercial Content; 
    3. You may not sell, distribute, or display any Scribd Commercial Content other than for personal use; 
    4. You may not share, lend, or rent copies of Scribd Commercial Content;
    5. You may not disable or circumvent DRM supplied with Scribd Commercial Content; 
    6. You may not exceed usage limitations set by content providers (participating publisher or User);
    7. You may not make copies of all or any portion of any Scribd Commercial Content;
    8. If Scribd elects to provide You with a replacement copy of any Scribd Commercial Content that you have acquired by Direct Purchase or Subscription, the replacement copy may be an updated version of that eBook;
    9. You are prohibited from making any public display or public performance of Scribd Commercial Content, or sharing accounts that allow access to Scribd Commercial Content; and
    10. Print/copy/paste may be restricted by the participating publisher or User who submitted the Scribd Commercial Content
  6. In addition to the foregoing, if You have obtained access by Subscription:
    1. Except for any limited time promotions, Your access to the Subscription is conditioned upon timely payment and maintenance of your Subscription account; and You will not have access to Scribd Commercial Content if Your subscription is cancelled, allowed to lapse, or terminated for non-payment.
  7. Refunds
    1. For Direct Purchases, non-defective ebooks are purchased by You on a non-refundable basis. If there is a defect in the eBook file that prevents You from reading the eBook as intended. Scribd will first attempt to replace the defective eBook with one in proper working order. In the event that Scribd cannot replace the defective eBook in a reasonable timeframe, Scribd may issue You a refund to Your credit card or issue a credit to Your account.
    2. For Subscriptions, upon notification of cancellation of Your subscription, Scribd will allow You to access the Scribd Commercial Content until the most recently paid-up subscription period ends, and then will terminate Your access to Scribd Commercial Content. Scribd does not offer pro-rated refunds for Subscriptions.
  8. You agree that Scribd may terminate Your Subscription and/or account for non-payment, in which event it may remove and discard all or any part of Your account, User profile, and any User Content, at any time.  
  9. Regardless of which option You have selected, Scribd reserves the right to modify or withdraw at any time any eBook from access by You at the request of its publisher or for any other reason. If Scribd removes or deletes a particular piece of Scribd Commercial Content that You have purchased, Scribd reserves the right to revoke Your purchase.  If Scribd revokes your purchase, Scribd may provide a refund to You or offer You another form of compensation at Scribd’s sole discretion.  If Scribd removes any particular piece of Scribd Commercial Content that you have purchased, Scribd may provide (at Scribd’s sole discretion) to You a limited window of time in which to download such removed Scribd Commercial Content.

Updated: 6 January 2015

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