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About the Scribd Store

posted this on August 03, 2012 10:43 AM

Sellers in the Scribd Store enjoy these and other benefits:

  • Generous Revenue Split—Keep 80% of revenue, with no monthly membership fees
  • Flexible Pricing and Preview—Make real-time changes to pricing, preview, and download options for your works
  • Instant Analytics—Receive sales data immediately
  • Built-in viral marketing—Share previews of your "for sale" items quickly and easily using Scribd's social features
  • Multi-platform distribution—Ensure your works are available on most future mobile and e-reader devices

Scribd Store sellers also benefit from Scribd's Copyright Management System (CMS), an industry-leading technology that helps prevent the upload of unauthorized works onto the site. Every Scribd Store work is added to the CMS automatically.

As a seller you may be most interested in learning how to publish your work for sale in the Scribd Store, manage and promote your sellable works, keep track of your sales and earnings, and get paid. Read on or click one of the sections in the list below to skip ahead.

Sellers are often writers and readers too, and you'll probably also be interested in our other forums:

  • Our Discovering, Reading and Sharing forum covers exploring and searching for documents, reading documents, sharing them with others, and downloading them to your computer.
  • Our Publishing Content forum contains information about preparing your works for publishing on Scribd and sharing them with others, and about managing the non-sales-related aspects of your documents.
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