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posted this on August 3, 2012, 10:43 AM

After toiling away, you've finally finished your novel. Now what? It's time to get paid for that hard work! And if you're looking to sell your ebook, you've come to the right place! We'd love to have your work up on Scribd and if you want to try and make some money from all that time it took to write it, you're more than welcome to place your work in the Scribd store. It's completely free to publish with us and there are a lot of great benefits when you do. 

Sellers in the Scribd Store get to enjoy:

  • Generous Revenue Split—Keep 80% of revenue. We know you did the hard part so you should be rewarded for it! You get 80% of the revenue for each sale on Scribd. 
  • Flexible Pricing and Preview Options—Make real-time changes to the price of your book, the amount you offer as 'free' preview to entice a reader, and the download options for your work. It's your title, the decisions are in your hands. 
  • Instant Analytics—Receive sales data immediately! We'll email you know whenever someone makes a purchase of your content on Scribd. Plus you can track your earning directly on your profile whenever you want.
  • Built-in viral marketing—Share previews of your "for sale" items quickly and easily using Scribd's social features. Spread the word about your work in just a few clicks! It gets your work being seen by more people upping the chance of a sale. You can even easily embed it on your own website!
  • Multi-platform distribution—Ensure your work is available on most future mobile and e-reader devices. The Scribd app is currently available on iOS devices, Android devices, the Kindle Fire, and the Nook HD already! 

Scribd Store sellers also benefit from Scribd's automated copyright protection system called 'BookID', an industry-leading technology that helps prevent the upload of unauthorized works onto the site. Every Scribd Store work is added to BookID automatically!

We're sure you're excited to just start publishing on Scribd and promoting your work so you can start getting paid, so the best thing to do is look through our help topics on it all so that you can quickly find the answers to questions you may have on the process. 

  • Our Publishing Content forum contains information about preparing your works for publishing on Scribd and sharing them with others, and about managing the non-sales-related aspects of your documents. It goes into a lot of details to get you started. 
  • Our Selling forum gets into the nitty gritty on the sales-related aspects and all the questions that crop up about the Scribd store.
  • Our Discovering, Reading and Sharing forum covers exploring and searching on Scribd, reading titles, sharing them with others, and downloading them to your computer. Writers can be readers too! Plus it's always good to understand the site from your audience's perspective. 
  • Or see a list of all our forums for further information. 

Happy selling!

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