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Searching and Browsing Scribd's Library

posted this on October 12, 2011 01:42 PM

Scribd knows what you came here for. It's not because it's a cool name, it's because Scribd has a large collection of titles for you to read. So let's cut to the chase and get you want you want: all the books you can handle. 

There's two ways you can find titles you're interested in: by searching or by browsing. It'll depend on what you have in mind for which one you want to choose.

Searching for Content

search.pngIf you already know what you want, use the 'Search' box at the top of the page.

Type an author, a title, or any key words, and the search feature will begin to auto-complete and display the 'best match' for your search. If none of the information that automatically matches is what you're looking for, you can 'View All Search Results' for the title you're interested in. Generally speaking, more than one result will appear and you can filter through all the results by clicking on a particular view like 'Books'. Most views even have extra filters to narrow down the results even further.


 Browsing for Content


If you don't have a particular title in mind and are looking for a new book to sink your teeth into, then you should browse the collection for ideas of what to read next.

Hover your mouse over the 'Browse' option next to the search box and you'll see a list of popular categories.

When you select a category like 'Fiction & Literature', you're taken to the page that automatically displays 'Subscription Books' listed based on their 'Best Seller' status.You can change how the list is sorted and include individual purchase items by changing the settings.

You can also narrow down the amount of content you're looking at by changing the sub-category. If your interest is in nail biting crime thrillers, just change the 'Sub-category' from all, to 'Crime' to help narrow down the results to what you're looking for.



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